Ruptured Duck Button

The Fraternity of the Ruptured Duck takes its name from the Honorable Discharge Lapel Button. The War Department adopted this award on the 29th of November, 1944, to represent the honest and faithful completion of service.

The award’s symbol is that of an eagle, with spread wings, perched upon a wreath. “The Ruptured Duck” as it came to be known, is the official award of honorable discharge for all branches of the military, for all eras of service since the Revolutionary War. The award is authorized for wear on both uniforms and civilian attire.

The award was commonly issued in the form of a patch. Dress uniforms from the World War Two era can be easily found in surplus stores today displaying the Ruptured Duck in the form of a diamond-shaped patch, or lozenge, above the right breast. This demarcation came in handy when service members were traveling home after discharge, and did not want to be roped into any undue duties.

Ruptured Duck Patch