Who We Are

The Fraternity of the Ruptured Duck is a Veterans Organization established in 2011 by a group of returning vets. What began as an informal, annual camp out transformed into a full time fraternity when our founding members recognized the therapeutic qualities of spending time among each other. In forming an organized fraternity, we have emphasized those cathartic qualities, in essence, preventing Post Traumatic Stress from becoming a problem at all. The transition from a loose group of friends, to a federally recognized 501(c)(19) organization allows for our members, most of whom are husbands and fathers, to offset the costs of spending time together.

FRD Officers

President – Casey Schaubschlager
Vice President – David Gleim
Treasurer – David Bledsoe
Logistics – Kenneth Sadler
Sergeant at Arms – Armando Trujillo
Armorer – Jeremy Scott